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My name is Max, and I’ve been gigging professionally since I was 15.

While I was growing up, my uncle played guitar with Frank Zappa and I hung out at the studio alI the time. 

Learning as much as I could. I knew at a very young age, that I wanted to play guitar.

I’ve also been really lucky to know exactly what it feels like to rock a stadium with up to 10,000 people in it. I’ve even felt my heart in my chest, as I stood on stage and played with some of the greats.

Trust me when I say, “that I know that feeling that you’re searching for.

That feeling that you get when you connect with the guitar, music and an audience is unlike any other.
I’m often asked, “How can I get my music to sound like some of the classic rock guitar greats, like Hendrix, Page, Slash…?”

I decided to capture of all my experience, rock guitar riffs, techniques, and secrets on DVD and Classic ROCK Pro Master Set...was born !

I really just want to help you -- tap into that - and also give you massive shortcuts to getting there.

If you want to play like a ROCK GOD or even Create your own AMAZING RIFFS!

Then this could be just what you’re looking for. 

You’ll learn tons of classic rock riffs 
...and the tricks behind them.

I don’t know about you - but it's such a pain when you want to start rocking but your fingers don’t seem to do what you want them to do, right?

I know, I've been there. It's not your fault.

Most guitar teachers have you drudging through boring chords and scales that really have nothing to do with creating some of the heaviest, grooviest rock riffs of all times.

I can have you playing some out-of-this-world riffs and some hot, sultry classic rock guitar licks immediately -- using “simple overlay riffs” -- and by learning just a few chords and picking techniques.

All the top bands (like Guns N Roses and Metallica) use these and other simple and powerful tricks. In fact, as I type this, I'm watching a Black Sabbath DVD, and for the most part, Tony Iommi is playing two finger metal chords!

Many of the guitarist today can't even read a note of music!

But there is good news…!

Look, you are still going to have to practice to get good, so any courses that tells you otherwise is just plain hype!

But there are hard ways of learning how to play some of the greatest ROCK RIFFS of all times -- and there are easier ways!

This is the easier, faster way!

Once you start these watching these Classic ROCK Pro lessons -- you'll be amazed how satisfying it will be to plug in your amp, turn up the volume and strike a thick, crunchy power chord which makes your chest vibrate.

This course is designed for the guitar player that has a bit of knowledge. Maybe you know some pentatonic scales, blues scales and maybe a few chords.

If you do, then this is EXACTLY what you need to be able to - instantly - sound like a Pro.

A few of these techniques are worth the price of the DVDs

If you want to be able to play tons of killer songs and riffs that give you a high-paced adrenaline rush - guaranteed to get your juices flowing -- then this is the course you have been waiting for.

I’ll teach you all the tricks:

→A "ripping riff wave that makes you sound like a rock guitar God

→"Wicked sounding" natural harmonics

→Rocking "melodic drone riffs"

→A "slow dropping slide" (really adds sweet frosting to the end of any riff)

→Open string hammer-on "climb-to-the-peak" technique

→And more... biggest, fattest, sweetest classic rock guitar sounds ever.

Playing MONSTER Riffs are Simple!

Get ready for some Mind-Blowing, Crank the Speakers…. Wango Tango Classic Rock Riffs & Solos

→Learn how to “palm mute” and when to play your strings open. Find those “sweet spots” on the guitar neck, that will have you shredding like Randy Rhoads.

→Learn professional recording tricks that make it easy to create “monster overdubs”


→Give your tracks that epic, “wall of sound”

→Discover the super-thick, heavy sound of the “4 note power chord” and “6 note power chord”    and how to use them in your own riffs

→Play the “big ringing chord riffs.” It’s a great little riff that gives incredible space for the singer to rip some great vocals.

Here’s What Classic Rock Pro will Do For YOU!

I want to share with you everything I learned about killer guitar sounds in all my years of playing, especially from my studio recording days working with a Grammy Award winning, top producer. 

No more spending lots of money on private lessons, which are often spent going over stuff -- that you've already done before or are not really interested in.

Instead, you can get all the JUICE you need -- to learn how to play some of the most smokin’ riffs of all times and how to even create your own riffs:

Crank Up The Volume: You’re going to learn how to “juice a riff” and multiple ways to get huge pay-offs in the same song.

Punching Up a Rock Riff: Make your riffs stick out and impress your friends. A simple technique that makes you sound great automatically.

Working in the Silence: Simple and Powerful. A powerful technique that is easy to implement, but you don't want to abuse it. 

Working the Riff: Even though you are playing the same basic note, but it actually sounds different, fresh and interesting.

Mastering Harmonics: The “mystery of artificial harmonics” made simple.  Learn how to move with it and create those wicked sounding squeals.

Dissonance Power: Create huge tension with the “inverted dissonance power chord.” It’s a fat monster-sounding technique that you can use immediately.

Spooky Twists: Change just one note in your riff and you instantly have access to a whole dimension of sound possibilities.

One Finger Madness: Create an exotic “sitar sound” on your axe. Play thick, full mega-power chords with just one finger.

It's easily one of the biggest game changing techniques you'll ever learn on the guitar

All the great tricks that all rock guitarists
NEED to master rock riffs from the 60s,70s & 80s

→How to identify pentatonic scale structures within the chord forms, such as the  E Minor, G and C form and play in the “style” of Jimi Hendrix.

→How to write catchy and memorable classic rock “style” riffs How to supercharge your solos with “knock-out power.” 

→Monster 5 Note Power chord that gives your sound an amazing depth and thickness.

→Learn EXACTLY when to “palm mute” and when to play your strings open. This is the hallmark of a pro rock riff. 

→How to kick-start your songs with a “sliding jazzy octave” technique
. It’s a great way to add a little edge to your rock songs.

→How to use the the tricks that Hendrix used to create his larger-than-life and often turbulent, sinister riffs

I'm going to teach you some of the most smokin' riffs of all times and also how to create your own riffs.

I'll help you get that powerful riffing sound you want, and and even more importantly, these methods are easy to learn and master.

You'll get a whole new bag of guitar tricks and even better, you'll start to develop your own killer riffs so you can rock out anytime, anywhere.

Once you master a few tricks, you can easily transform what you learned from the great rock riffs and create your own rockin' riff.

The next part of creating original riffs is learning how to add "tails" which are ending variations to your riffs. This will help you take your creativity to the next level.

I'll give you some powerful pointers that can make all the difference in the world when you create your own songs. These are real-world tricks that I literally paid tens of thousands to top producers to learn.

Get the Best, Classic ROCK instructional material and lessons AVAILABLE!

3 DVDs, 4+ Hours Of Content
Classic Rock Pro DVD Master Set is quite literally a launchpad for your guitar skills and technique.

You'll get crystal-clear on how to shred all of your favorite rock riffs and licks of all time even if they seemed out of reach or totally impossible before.

Fast-Forward Your Skill and Technique (In Just 10 Minutes a Day)
Begin The Lessons From Your Current Level (Don't Start Over Your Head)
→ How to Master “Artifical Harmonics” to Create Wicked Sounds

→ How To Write Catchy And Memorable Rock Riffs
Learn The Classic Rock Riff Formula (take on any song with an easy roadmap)
→ Intro to Tapping and Van Halen (sound like the greats!)
Shred Killer Lead Guitar Solos & Master New Licks 
Learn Almost Any Classic Rock Riff By Ear with the Pentatonic Scale 
Debunk The Myths To Master Explosive Lead Chops.
→ And more… Biggest, FATTEST, Sweetest Classic Rock guitar sounds ever
Here’s What You’ll Get On Each Disc: 3 DVDs, 4+ Hours Of Content

Disc One: Starts you off with Essential Rock Techniques and Rock Riffs Made Easy. Two key components that you need to master the tricks of the trade. You’ll learn bending, sliding, dead notes, pick attack and slurs. Once you got the techniques down you’ll move right into rock riffs, which is essential to learning how to write and play “riffs”

Disc Two: Will take you down the road of classic rock guitar that was paved by great artists like Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Santana. We’ll use songs, like Paranoid, Thunderstruck and Black Magic Woman to show you how these classic, recognizable tunes were formed, and how you can build your own guitar skills to match.

Disc Three: Continues down the classic rock journey with song techniques from songs like Night Train, Walk This Way and Whole Lotta Love, these classic tunes contain a variety of elements that make up the foundation of rock. Including crunchy, distorted rock tones, hybrid picking, heavy riffs and epic solos. 

There’s a Bonus Disc... Find out more below. 

Either Classic Rock Pro
 Works For You
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